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The Artistry Of...

The Artistry Of highlights, reflects, and celebrates. It mixes and shares language from different artistic disciplines; a musician is a poet; a singer’s voice is described as colorful, and an artist stuns and blinds your senses with the brilliance of their creative energy and expression.

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The Artistry of ... Gregoire Maret

AO Grégoire Maret:

“…(He) is the son of a Harlem-born African-American mother and a Swiss jazz musician, and a genre-crossing harmonica hotshot… “, these are the words of Ted Gioia, writer for The Daily Beast. He has ultimate artistic global reach in his genes. He heard many kinds of music in his homeland of Switzerland. He was exposed to soul, jazz and R&B and the sounds and influences are all over his artistry and creativity. These magic names cast their spells on him: Miles, Hancock, Wonder, Shorter, and Armstrong; a grouping of names sounding like a musical magicians’ collective. Maret’s is a deep connection to the voice. His musical life began as a singer and he expresses his beautiful artistry as if the harmonica is organically as direct an extension. The air he takes over when he plays is laced with groovy and the sound he gifts us with is everything the magic of music making spell casting should be.

The Artistry of ... Ed Bickert

AO Ed Bickert:

There is something quintessentially Canadian about the way the great Ed Bickert played; a beauty in the reservation and pinpoint attention to detail - without fanfare. Modesty is a boasted national trait and for many it is one of pride. Bickert’s playing touches the heart and soul of a tune. None of this is to say he is a shy and retiring or easy to miss player. The artist is a superstar. The signature is the unmistakeable sound and the influence he has had on a generation of younger players. The 1974 appearance on Paul Desmond’s Pure Desmond recording was propulsion into international recognition. Bickert replaced Jim Hall on the disc. Hall was unavailable and recommended Ed. It is like a perfect Hollywood star is born story. Commenting on the recording Don Thompson said to Hall, “Man, I just heard the Desmond record, and that's the best I ever heard you play.” Hall replied, “…thanks, man. But that wasn't me – that was Ed Bickert”. Thompson has also said this: “Bickert's playing was impeccable… The inner voice movement was perfect, the logic is impeccable, every chord was the best possible chord … it was perfection all the time”.

The Artistry of ... Anita O'Day

AO Anita O’Day:

The sound is a west coast swinging kind of cool. Maybe it was the early training on drums that solidified the uncanny knack for rhythm and swing? A survivor her days of drug and narcotic use and abuse dealt her a significant blow but she countered it. A near death overdose was addressed by her with frankness. Flouting the times she countered the misogynist attitudes of a male dominated genre and forced the industry to take her for who she was and not what or what they wanted her to be. Her life in music was always challenged by her addictions but she challenged back. She faced the many different consequences many times. The artistry was in that ferocity and originality. The style has been described as ‘avoidance of the obvious’. Her real name was Anita Belle Colton. Say it, the name rolls like the music she made.

The Artistry of ... Pete Malinverni

AO Pete Malinverni :

It is a unique experience; playing music in the church challenges. It provides fertile grounding for inspiration and a treasure of irreplaceable education of one’s craft. The piano player, composer and educator Pete Malinverni can talk about that. His work in religious settings speaks directly to that and he relishes the challenges and experiences equally. He writes for and directs choirs in English and Hebrew and curates jazz vespers. Church, for the musician, demands flexibility, understanding and an in the moment presence as you need to be keenly aware of what is happening around you. This naturally also speaks directly to jazz. You are always searching for a balance between respecting and meeting the requirements and still finding space to express yourself. Pete Malinverni meets the challenges and expresses himself.

The Artistry of ... Astrud Gilberto

AO Astrud Gilberto

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