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    First Listen: Peter Erskine and the Dr. Um Band: Second Opinion

    First Listen is sponsored by Bay Bloor Radio - The Right Sound For the Right Price.

    Following the success of Peter Erskine's 'Dr. Um and the Lost Pages,' Peter and his Dr. Um Band are ready to offer a Second Opinion.

    As Peter says inside the album, when a chance to record comes up, you take it ... even if you’re not 100% prepared. He says some of his favorite jazz albums are the ones that were made under pressure and Second Opinion has turned out to be one of his favorite albums.

    Along with Peter, the CD features John Beasley on keys, Bob Sheppard sax, Benjamin Shepherd bass. January 28th's First Listen is a tune written by John Beasley and dedicated to drummer Mike Clark: "This is Eleven Eleven."

    Thank you to all of you who contributed during our Early Spring Campaign.

    You are the reason we are able to return to our award-winning programming.


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