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    Brush With Greatness - Adam David

    Monday, 23 January 2017 10:58

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    Today's Brush with Greatness comes through from Dinner Jazz host John Devenish and Toronto percussionist Adam David. Adam sent this to Terry McElligott at John's suggestion. Adam writes:

    "For several reasons, Sarah Vaughan, aka "Sassy", holds a special place in my family's musical heart. She was a favourite of my vocalist mother and drummer father. "Embraceable You" was Mom's closing theme song.

    A 3rd generation musician, I spent a couple of years studying and playing around L.A. in the early 1980s. Thrilled by the opportunity to sit-in regularly at The Green Onion's Thursday Jazz Jam, I was fortunate to play, often, with legendary veterans Jimmy Rowles - piano; Andrew Simpkins - bass and Tommy Newsom - tenor. Yes, the Tonight Show's Tommy Newsom. Well, one Thursday, after sweating it out for an hour plus, I spotted Ms. Vaughn hanging at the bar, carousing with several other jazz giants. Before long, everyone at the bar was hollering, "C'mon Sassy, get up and sing one!"

    Dumbstruck, I could not fathom swinging satisfactorily enough to please Ms. V, so I slid away from the drums, pleading for the house drummer to return. Though he kindly obliged, to this day I wish I had remained to have the honour and joy of playing with such a rich, iconic voice.

    (Adam goes on to mention that hearing Sarah Vaughn was heartfelt reminder of the musical gifts both his mother and father bestowed upon him. He signed off, "Thank you, John...  and thank you, Sassy."

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