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Why I support JAZZ.FM91

Carol Welsman

"Speaking personally and as a Canadian jazz artist, I wouldn’t have had a career in jazz without the unfailing support of JAZZ.FM91 and its predecessor CJRT. As a listener, I have come to rely on JAZZ.FM91 for its consistently outstanding programming. It’s always innovative, surprising and fresh, and I’m just a huge fan of the station."

- Carol Welsman, six-time Juno-nomiated singer, pianist and songwriter, who has written for Céline Dion, Ray Charles and Nicole Scherzinger.

Russ Little: Why I Support JAZZ.FM91

For more than 60 years JAZZ.FM91 and its antecedent, CJRT, have been Canada’s most powerful, influential and passionately supportive disseminators of the art of jazz. JAZZ.FM91’s proven ability and desire to sponsor, nurture and promote jazz, and Canada’s arts community, generally, has been of unequalled value to this great art form. An unparalleled “bullhorn” for jazz music, JAZZ.FM91 is simply unique in its faithfully unwavering ability to spread the gospel of jazz.

- Russ Little, jazz legend, trombonist, original member Lighthouse....

Roberto Occhipinti

JAZZ.FM91, the only full time jazz station in the country, is a crucial part of Toronto’s burgeoning jazz scene. It’s unwavering support of local talent and international renown and presence has been and continues to be, an important part of many musicians’ careers. It is a unique portal to the world of jazz that serves the listener and artist equally.

-Roberto Occhipinti, Juno and National Jazz Award-winning bassist, composer and producer, who has worked with Hilario Duran and Jane Bunnett.

Marc Jordan

It is a station that is creative and progressive, and plays some of the best music we humans have ever created. It's a smart station with smart people. JAZZ.FM91 has all at once become part of the aural landscape of the Toronto area and indeed many parts of the world. It speaks and reflects the multi-cultural nature of this city. It's too important to lose.

-Marc Jordan, Juno Award-winning producer and musician, and songwriter who has written for Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Cher, Bette Midler, and more

Sophie Milman

I support JAZZ.FM because, from my early days as a jazz vocalist in Toronto, it has been a kind, supportive and consistent home for my music. The station was there before my first tour, before the papers caught on, before people in the US and Japan knew I existed, and before I won a Juno. JAZZ.FM helped my music reach the homes, ears, and hearts of its many listeners, who have put their trust in the station’s curators and visionaries.

I support JAZZ.FM because it plays great music! Music that people want to hear, music that is beautiful and soulful and swinging and funky and classy; music that takes you on an emotional journey; music that tugs at your heartstrings or forces you to think – or, better yet, forces you to dance! I’m raising my very young children to love jazz as much as I do and JAZZ.FM makes it so easy to do: all it takes is the push of a button. It mixes the old with the new and make it clear that jazz is dynamic and vibrant!

I owe JAZZ.FM a huge debt of gratitude and stand beside those who have made it a great home for artists and a bastion of timeless beauty.

- Sophie Milman, Juno Award-winning singer. 

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