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Chick Corea/Eddie Gomez/Paul Motian - Further Explorations

"Further Explorations" brings 3 jazz greats (Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez and Paul Motian) together for a 2-disc live album recorded over a 2-week residency in 2010 at the famed Blue Note in New York City.

The record features some standards, including tunes by Irving Berlin and Jimmy Van Heusen, some original material by members of the group and a number of Bill Evans compositions.

In the liner notes to the album (written by Bob Belden) it states that Evans was the "Connective Tissue" that brought the band together, even more so as drummer Paul Motian was the original drummer for Bill Evans's famous trio featuring Scott LaFaro on bass and Eddie Gomez worked with Evans from 1966-1977.

In preparation for the shows that make up this album the group studied the entire Bill Evans discography to find the right material that would allow the musicians to develop individual approaches to the material.

I addition to this an unrecorded piece by Evans was discovered by archivist Frank Fuchs. The piece, "Song No. 1", was transcribed by Chick and played it over the course of their residency. While at first the unfamiliarity led the musicians to play the piece almost exactly as written. By the end of the 2 weeks it had become a fully realized piece in its own right.

Playing so much material by Evans, featuring 2 musicians that played with him for years, it would be easy to label this album as a tribute. However, it does not come off that way. Corea, Motian and Gomez manage to use Evans music as a template without falling into the trap of just repeating the work of someone that had gone before.

On a side note, This album marks one of the last albums Paul Motian worked on before he passed in 2010.

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