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    Kellylee Evans - Live To Air - November 6, 2013

    Earlier this year, Juno-award winning vocalist Kellylee Evans released her fifth album, I Remember When.

    In Conversation - Alan and Marilyn Bergman

    The songs of Alan and Marilyn Bergman have been enriching the great American songbook for over five decades.

    As lyricists for film, stage and television, they have created many unforgettable images with their lyrical mastery. Theirs is one of the most successful songwriting collaborations in an era of great popular music.

    Interview - Bob Dorough

    The ageless Bob Dorough is a master songwriter, musician and singer.

    One of the few vocalists to ever record with Miles Davis, he is known for writing and performing the majority of the educational Schoolhouse Rock cartoons we all grew up on.

    Live to Air - Jimmy Webb

    On Friday, November 8th, one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century, Jimmy Webb, stopped by the Long & McQuade performance hall to celebrate the release of his new album Still Within The Sound of My Voice.

    Interview - Sharon Preston-Folta

    Louis Armtrong was known for many things:  his musicality, his showmanship, his sense of humour, his incredible ear, his influential trumpet playing, and his unique textured vocal warble.  Personally, he was known in many ways, too, but not as a father  … until now.  Sharon Preston-Folta is the author of “Little Satchmo:  Living in the Shadow of My Father Louis Daniel Armstrong”.

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