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    Brush With Greatness - Daniel Diamond

    Monday, 20 March 2017 09:31

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    This week we hear from listener Daniel Diamond.

    "My wife and I were at a groovin' jazz club in Cleveland, Ohio, this past December called the Bop Stop.

    On stage was the Joshua Smith quartet, featuring none other than Joe Lovano on sax.

    At various intervals throughout the performance, Joshua Smith's five-year-old son ran onto the stage and started 'air-saxophoning' and stomping around on stage with the musicians. It was around midnight, so he was pretty slap happy.

    Rather than get irritated by his shenanigans, however, the musicians all smiled, and let him in on the action. If that happened during a classical music performance, or any other genre, it probably wouldn't have gone down like that. But the audience and musicians alike, including Joe Lovano, seemed to nod their heads as if to say "ya, this is jazz baby".

    It was so refreshing to see serious musicians embrace that sort of lightheartedness and allow a kid to get in on the action. It was also a symbol of the perpetuity of this wonderful genre, which, contrary to what the ignorant say, is here to stay."

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