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    Emerging Artist Profile - William Lamoureux

    William Lamoureux, from Gatineau, Québec is a violin force to be reckoned with. At the young age of 20, he already has extensive stage experience with more than 500 performances to his credit. Whether he's playing in a classical orchestra, in a rock or a country band, in a world music or jazz ensemble, William stands out for his remarkable stage presence, his charisma and his excellent technique on the violin.

    William is involved in a number of high profile projects including the Playground Project, a one-man-band act where he interprets well-known pop tunes arranged live on stage with vocals, violin, percussion and effects pedals. He is the founder of the exciting Québec rock group, Billy Love Band. He is also a member of four Toronto bands: the 12-piece R&B/Soul/Latin band 7Sould; the gypsy jazz sextet, Hotline Swing; the Kalyna Rakel Group and the world music quartet So Long Seven. In addition, he is a featured artist at ONQ Live Entertainment in Toronto.

    Emerging Artist profile questions:

    1) What was the biggest inspiration for you entering music as a career?

    At a young age, artists giving live performances inspired me and I aspired to do that myself. This is what drew me in the musical realm. Not so long after that, life became all about becoming the best musician I could be. Today, artists like Radiohead, Andrew Bird and Chris Thile haunt me every day with their incredible craftsmanship, and I lean towards them when it comes to inspiration.

    2) As an emerging artist, what are you hoping to gain from attending the Music Business Seminar?

    I hope to gain some insight into running my personal music business and make contacts in the Toronto music community that can be useful in my future endeavors.

    3) What artist / group / organization do you feel is best taking advantage of the current music industry climate most successfully?

    To me, artists like Daniela Andrade truly understand the new world we are currently experiencing. Her work on social media platforms has been stellar. She posts frequently in an original way, which makes her stand out of the doleful mass. Social media can play a gigantic role in your career if you play your cards right.

    4) What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

    After releasing my own project’s second EP, I am looking forward to delving into a brand new record with Toronto band So Long Seven, a world-jazz quartet. It will be challenging creatively, but also from a business standpoint.

    5) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    I see myself being fully active in the Toronto music scene. Whether it’s playing, writing, arranging, producing or engineering, just getting involved in projects that inspire me would be my absolute dream.

    Lightning Round
    Favorite New Artist: Anderson. Paak
    Last live concert: Snarky Puppy
    Best piece of advice: Always challenge yourself - get out of your comfort zone.
    Favorite non-musical activity: Photography
    If you didn’t work in the music field, what would you want to be: Graphic Designer

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