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    JAZZ.FM91 2018 Music Business Seminar

    Join us for this all-day, educational event.

    JAZZ.FM91 is excited to announce the first of our 2018 Music Business Seminars

    In Partnership with TD Bank Group

    Life Skills for Musicians: Practical Advice from Real Experts

    Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018
    Time: 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM
    Location: JAZZ.FM91, 4 Pardee Ave, Unit 100 (in Liberty Village)

    Join top industry experts and musicians as they discuss strategies for getting the balance right in the 21st century. How do emerging musicians in all genres make a living in Toronto and beyond, while forging ahead as inspired creators? Attendees of the seminar will walk away from the day with solid ideas and insights into the business of music making. There will be ample time provided to network with a variety of leading industry personalities, ask questions, and interact with fellow artists.

    Generously supported by TD Bank Group, this informative and entertaining event will give participants access to industry experts and world famous jazz performers. Canadian sensation Molly Johnson will be on hand to speak to the state of jazz in Canada today; international guitar master Matt Stevens will address his experience of moving to New York City and “making it;” entrepreneur and musician Miranda Mulholland will expound on the pros and cons of digital media from a musician’s perspective and Dr John Chong will present his advice on maintaining mental and physical health while living as a musician.

    Click HERE for speaker profiles.

    Admission to the seminar is $20 (includes lunch)
    Seating is limited so book your spot now!

    Here is a complete seminar schedule:

    12:00 pm – Opening remarks, Intro
    David Wall, JAZZ.FM91
    12:15 pm – Digital Media and Music: Challenges and Benefits
    Miranda Mulholland, musician, record label entrepreneur

    1:15 pm – Interview: Careers in Jazz 1
    Molly Johnson, Beloved jazz singer, Kensington Jazz Festival director

    2:15 pm – Food, Networking

    3:00 pm – Interview:  Careers in Jazz 2
    Matt Stevens, Internationally successful jazz guitarist

    4:00 pm – Tuning the Mind and Body for Musicians

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