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    Brush With Greatness - Pete

    Wednesday, 15 February 2017 08:22

    This week we hear from longtime listener, Pete. 

    "I think I first got hooked on jazz listening to Ross Porter in the wee hours on CBC back in the day ... such an awakening ... a huge expansion in my musical universe. I lived in Winnipeg then ... I remember driving through the night delivering papers (The Winnipeg Sun) to rural Manitobans and groovin' on the tracks Ross was throwing our way ...

    Now I'm in Ottawa ... been here about 9 years. When I first moved here, I started volunteering at the music festivals - to get to know the city and make some friends. At a couple of the festivals I volunteer with performer transportation.

    About 3 or 4 years ago I drove SMV from the airport to their hotel. Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. I'll never forget it. I used to listen to Ross play Stanley and Marcus's music back when I first fell in love with jazz. So cool.

    The conversations were warm and beautiful as I drove them ... such incredible musicians - and the incredibly nice people. Victor was so sincere in his warmth ... so nice.

    I've driven many musicians, and had more than a few brushes with great talent, but these guys were AMAZING to spend time with. Anytime I hear old Spyro-Gyra, Chick Corea, Marcus Miller or Stanley Clark, it takes me right back to those wonderful cool nights... discovering that wonderful part of the musical universe ... jazz."

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